Recent events have spurred a national discussion on the survivability of victims and safety of first responders during active shooter events (ASEs) and other forms of aggressive deadly behavior (ADB).  The Rescue Task Force (RTF) course provides EMS practitioners and Law Enforcement Officers with the tools and techniques to save civilian lives through the application of RTF and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) principles.

Instructors will lead discussions surrounding topics including a TECC overview, working within the RTF model, and Casualty Collection Point (CCP) management.  Students will apply lessons learned in the classroom to skill stations, including rescue task force movement, hemorrhage control, and triage skills.  The course will culminate into several scenario based activities that will incorporate rescue task force movement, TECC principles, warm zone operations, CCP management, life-saving medical interventions, and collaboration with law enforcement.

Intended Audience: The Rescue Task Force course is designed for EMS providers and Law Enforcement Officers.  The course requires a moderate level of exertion.  Students will be expected to move training role players up and down stairways with multiple floor levels, walk for a significant distance, and maintain endurance levels throughout multiple scenario-based activities.  A portion of the course may be delivered outdoors (regardless of weather) and into the evening during low light conditions.  

Course Format:  Classroom, Skill Station, and Scenario