If you’re comfortable with your training, it’s time to break away from your comfort zone.


Courses offered for Advanced Medical Life Support, Bleeding Control for the Injured and more.

Why we do this

Reason one: Accessability

We believe training and education should be made available to everyone. Whether at your location or ours, our team of subject matter experts will tailor courses to your environment.

Reason two: Prepardedness

We prepare our students with education and applicable training that is current and relevant to their environment.  Our instructors tailor the classroom to real-world scenarios to help prepare them to manage stressful situations confidently.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three: Philanthropy

Our education is provided at little to no cost.  With a primary goal of spreading education to our customers, we understand the need for accessible training that is affordable and cost effective.

Our Team

Our diverse team of subject matter experts take pride in the work they do.  Each instructor, while actively working in their career field, provides a level of training that is current and realistic to their experience.  Whether a basic first aid, advanced pistol, or a tactical casualty care course, our team provides the same level of support for every customer.


Since founding in 2014, we have had unique opportunities to work with a variety of organizations across the United States.  Building lasting relationships has been the key to continued and progressive growth within the training industry.


While the total number of students trained exceeds this statistic, we are humbled by the people who continue to participate in the additional courses offered.  It’s an enlightening experience and we are proud to consider our students family.

Hours Trained

There is no substitute for high-fidelity training and education.  The total number of training hours continues to grow each month as organizations and individuals seek education to better prepare themselves for real-world situations.

What our customers say

It’s no secret we provide the best training available.  Take a look at what some of our students are saying!

“You guys are so great at what you do and this was some of the best training I have attended. I can’t wait to attend your next class, I’ve already signed up!”Chris C.
“Dude, your courses are awesome. With your help my training is now on the right track. Thank you! I am now your customer for life. ”Karl L.
"Love the service!! You have this stuff figured out!"Cody A.
"Great instructor cadre, very knowledgeable and engaging!"Brian F.
"Great information, great cadre, awesome delivery and interaction."Phillip D.
"The instructors were very knowledgeable on their subject matter and were excellent teachers!"Kari S.
"Presentation of evidence based, field proven, techniques in an age where it is likely to need this knowledge on the job."Samuel R.
"This class was amazing! The men and women who put on the course prepared and delivered the material/info very well."Lisa R.